Media Documentation and Coverage

Media Documentation and Coverage

2781 Nov 06 2020

About Media Documentation and Coverage for Events in Turkey

Media documentation and coverage are prominent in various events as media plays an important role in expanding current to reach a larger audience. Various media actors, including newspapers, magazines, visual and audio media, and online news sites, activate media coverage of the event, drawing on the latest methods of photography and the internet, media coverage has become the main way to move events out of space.

What Does IMT EVENTS' Media Documentation and Coverage Service Include?

IMT EVENTS' media documentation and coverage services include a media team that manages press news, media coverage of various events, advertising matters, and interviews in many prominent media locally, regionally and globally, such as newspapers, magazines, and radio stations, television channels and online news sites. Here are the most important documentation and coverage services:

1. Professional Photography of Events with High-Quality Equipment

IMT EVENTS has the most modern technology and high-quality equipment for professional photography for all types of events, whether at conferences, exhibitions or seminars. Professional photography is accompanied by lighting units for professional photography services. Our company has a featured team of professional photographers, with an innovative professional vision.

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2. Audio Commentary

Audio commentary is an important factor in the success of events, conferences and exhibitions because addressing listeners and not reading from a paper makes listeners away from boredom, especially if the commentator has a vocal tone and sound. IMT EVENTS provides voice commentary with a focus on skilled sound effects and fluency, using the most modern audio devices and technology.

About IMT EVENTS' Media Documentation and Coverage

Our company has presented many events, conferences, activities and seminars, including the 49th  Jewelry and Watch Exhibition in Istanbul, Identity Building, and the Art of Influence Conference, which targeted those interested in developing and building personality, entrepreneurs, university students, trainers, educators, human resources professionals, media and community influence workers, as well as the Jasmine Ladies Exhibition, the effectiveness of the news television presentation course in Istanbul, and many more.

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